Visual Design:

Logo, font, and print designs.

Molly font


In May 2002 I met the Cambridge, MA artist Molly Van Nice whose work contained an elegant and absolutely wonderful hand done script. When I was unable to resist the habit of reading that writing I found that it made no sense whatsoever. In fact, Molly got a kick out of watching people view her work and pronounce that the lettering was "medieval Kryllic" or "early English". I talked with Molly and found out that she was planning on doing some work in Photoshop and wasn't sure how to do her script work digitally. I happily volunteered to help and scanned pages of hand done letters to turn her script into a functioning font.

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Vegan goes Hunting

"Vegan goes hunting"

This is a fun little interactive video story of a time when I went turkey hunting with my brother. At the time I was a vegan (I'm not anymore). While we didn't get any turkeys that day, we did come upon a patch of ramps which I turned into a tasty soup. This is a cute story, so I keep it in my portfolio.

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