Video and Animation

How I got my start, video editorial and compositing.

Warning: loud noises ahead.

All Bird Television

Show Opener - Summer 1998

Total Running Time: 30 seconds

"All Bird Television" was a program created for Discovery's Animal Planet Channel.


  • Created Logo for show
  • Video Editing and finishing
  • 3d animation
  • Designed print promotional materials for the show

Video Production by Wave, Inc.
Music by Swihart Music

Fidelity Research (sample)

Attract Loop created Fall 2000

This is a 30 second sample pulled from a program whose total running time was 6 minutes. Sample is without sound


  • Created shot list and oversaw video production
  • Video Edited and composited in After Effects
  • Created type treatment and animated charts
  • Worked with other team members to make sure all elements were integrated smoothly

Video Production Clodine Mallinckrodt


Spec Spot- Spring 1998

Total Running Time: 30 seconds


  • Creative conception
  • Video Editing and finishing using AVID and Flame
  • Video compositing and type created in Discreet Logic Flame

Shot in 16mm film by Bobby Maruvada.
Music by Swihart Music

Text in English:

"We must die because we have known them,
Die - of their smile's insatiable flower
Die - of their delicate hands,
Die - of women"

-R M Rilke

Demo Reel Opener

Spring 1998

Total Running Time: 40 seconds


  • Creative conception
  • Created textures, drawings and photos for use in the sequence
  • Video and Audio Edited using AVID
  • Video Compositing and typography in DL Flame

Footage from ImageBank, Hot Shots, and Core Group, Ltd.
Music from "Ghost in the Shell"

Demo Reel Opener

Summer 1997

Total Running Time: 30 seconds

This was created to sit at the beginning of Shapiro Music's demo reel. They approached me wanting an animation of 2 stick figures that looked like the 2 men running the company. After much work, this is what I came up with.


  • Designed animated characters
  • Storyboarded the sequence
  • Videotaped myself going through all the motions I wanted the characters to do
  • Traced video in Painter to create dancing stick figure animations
  • Edited animations together in After Effects and DL Flame

Music from Shapiro Music