User Experience Design

It's easy to be hard. It's hard to be easy.

Case Studies

Simplify Flow & Add Search

Users were forced to make complicated choices at the beginning of a sales funnel. In addition they were asked for esoteric information they could not possibly know while casually shopping. Flow improvements increased traffic through early part of sales funnel.

Case study of 3 specific pain points with clickable prototypes of design solutions

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Heuristic Evaluation

A problematic portion of the purchase flow caused many users not understand that they had not finished setting up insurance. Customer support had to monitor traffic constantly to detect users that had made errors in enrollment. Improvements greatly reduced need for hands-on support team supervision of site traffic.

White paper of evaluation with clickable prototypes of design solution

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Adding Responsiveness

Established need for mobile compatibility through user testing. Redesign a complicated shopping flow to be responsive for tablet and mobile phone.

White paper with clickable prototypes of design solutions

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Stuff I Say

I can't see my own ears

Assuming I know for certain what users want or how they will respond to a design without performing testing is a recipe for disappointment. The only way to know how any design will be received is to observe it in action. I have to be open to what the user says and let that craft an agenda rather than forcing my own.

We don't need faster horses

It is likely that Henry Ford did not actually say “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” I read that a single user or customer cannot possibly verbalize the pattern of underlying needs. Individually they ask for a single feature to resolve what they experience as a specific pain point. It is tempting to simply address that one pain point and assume the problem has been solved. The pain has likely migrated to another spot. I have to listen for the real need underneath the ask and build a systemic solution.