User Experience Design

It's easy to be hard. It's hard to be easy.

THou art not the user

What is UX?

This is a 10 minute presentation given at a lunch talk. My intention was to explain what I do and internally advertise my abilities and services to other branches of our company that might be unfamiliar with UX.

I have uploaded this as a powerpoint because the speaker's notes contain real substance and explain my abilities and role well.

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User Experience Guide

User Experience Guide

Authored User Experience Guide to assist developers, offshore teams, quality assurance and requirements analysts in understanding the design and interaction models that products must adhere to. Created an online, interactive version of the guide to allow easy update and increase adherence.

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Miami-Dade Middle School Connect Experience

Middle School Connect

Created Axure prototypes instructing developers on how to extend existing Connect platform to manage middle school students. Used Axure and Twitter Bootstrap to create html prototype for the student experience, which would be a brand new UI.

This was conducted as an agile project. Thus the prototypes reference user stories, not requirements. I built and reviewed prototypes a few weeks ahead of when development would be sprinting on them.

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Completion Plus

Completion Plus

New product created at Epsilen in 2012 to extend learning management system's functionality to include student advising and risk tracking. To manage development the product was divided up into modules that were storyboarded, wireframed and developed in succession. I worked with Product Development & the lead developers during storyboarding and wireframe review to insure that execution was consistent and realistic for our time frame.

Also responsible for look and feel of the UI & icon creation.

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User Experience Guide

Epsilen Learning Managment System

Redesigned the look and feel and recreated .css for the entire user interface.

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Connect Universal Profile

Connect Universal Profile

One element of frustration with the Connect products had been that each one separately has a user profile. Users moving between different products must repeat data entry and maintain profiles separately. I studied the existing products and created a prototype for a Universal Profile which pulled on the strongest elements of each.

Sudden management changes caused this project to lose priority. However elements of this have been repurposed to improve the profile and ePortfolio within our current products.

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