User Interface Design

“Pretty ” doesn't matter. Beauty does.

UI Design Case Studies

Presentation about UI design for students

UI Design Presentation

This is a lecture on user interface design given to second and third year design school students. My goal was to introduce students to the concepts of usability and how good design and work discipline translate into working in this particular design field.

I have uploaded this as a powerpoint because the speaker's notes contain real substance and go far to explain my approach to interface design.

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Autonomy Common look and feel

Common UI

Common look and feel across all Autonomy product interfaces. UI generated using the EXTJS toolkit. I created a custom visual theme (visual library & css) for this UI and worked with UX architect and developers on its design & execution. Designed and created all icons.

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User Experience Guide

Learning Management System

Redesigned the look and feel, recreated image library and recreated .css for the entire user interface based upon feedback from users.

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Stuff I Say

It's not a painting

Users are not going to print this UI out and admire it on their wall. They are going to scan it for but split seconds. It is in those split seconds that the experience needs to be legible and well ordered. I find I have to resist staring at the layout for long stretches of time and trick myself into seeing with fresh perception. Shut one eye. Take a screen capture and rotate it to different angles. Walk away from the computer and come back. I see more in those first few seconds than from staring.

Kill your babies

It's possible to get very precious with design. Much time has been devoted to this or that element and hypnotized by our own greatness those parts seem indispensable to the success of whole. But what is good may be the enemy of the best. As a designer I must be ready to sacrifice things I have spent a lot of time on to achieve a greater overall visual cohesion.

To be clear, I do not advocate the harm of tiny humans. I love other people's kids.