Mobile Application Design

Any device is ultimately as good as it allows us to connect with other people. It's as good as it allows us to network.

Mobile design for ##

Epsilen Mobile: Tablet

Many schools requested a mobile version of our online application. During an extensive qualitative user study I focused in on our clients' mobile needs. From this data I was able to wireframe out a solution for an iPad version of our LMS application. I was in charge of screen design, flow and visual design.

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View wireframe for the course portion of the UI.

Mobile design for Autonomy Auminence

Autonomy Auminence

I worked with an x-code developer to convert a web-based tool for medical diagnosis into an iPad & iPhone app. Created all graphics and interaction flow.

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Mobile design for Broadcast Herald

Broadcast Herald

Visual design for an application intended for use by company sales people to show off the power of Autonomy's search engine.

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Mobile phone design for Epsilen

Epsilen Mobile: Phone

When I started at Epsilen I was tasked with maintaining the existing iPhone application. The original design was created by a contractor and I was not at liberty to do an overhaul. I did introduce higher quality & higher resolution graphics that looked better (retina displays were just emerging for iPhones at that time). I also convinced the developers to not use text-as-images for all buttons, headlines and labels but provided them with a working font instead.

Recreated the design with cleaner graphics and icons (and no text images!) for the Android version.

Mobile version of Connect created for Louisiana

Louisiana Connect Mobile

Mobile version of ConnectEDU's "Connect!" customized for the state of Louisiana. This is a mobile application I began maintaining & updating when the original designer left ConnectEDU. Have actively been a part of recommending and seeing that usability improvements are made to the mobile interface.

Prototype and design edits made using In addition I have been a part of running focus groups on the mobile phone application.

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