Oyango Oketch


Welcome to my website. It is an attempt to answer those questions that do arise in the life of an art maker. What kind of art do you do? Where can I see your work. Do you have a website?

This site will answer the simpler questions, leaving me with the tougher one of what kind of work I do. simply put, my art is a conversation about re-memory and re-mythology.

As with every conversation, it is spiced. It reweaves memory, history, archeology and re-invented mythology to recreate wastelands of human experience, movement and place.

It is part homage to the ritualistic and celebratory landscape of the palm wine drinkard in which all forces in existence are legit yet unknown: an amalgam from from the traditional, the spiritual and the contemporary in life and space - to create remythologies, rearcheologies and rememories.