Born in 1963 in Maseno township in Western Kenya.
    Educated in Kenya where he taught Art, Literature and African oral literature, theater, soccer and debate until dismissed from teaching for indulging in political activities.
    Had developed the art of questioning authority while in high school where he would write essays on teachers and students and post these on tree trunks at night. Soon after he joined anti-government politics at a time when Kenya had reverted to single party rule.
    Moved to America in 1997 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
    While in Chicago he has worked with several human rights and social movements, namely: Illinois Peace Action, for the crusade in the universal ban in the manufacture and use of landmines; East Timor Action Network, for the independence of East Timor; public speaker and human rights educator for Amnesty International Mid-West region on child soldiers and factors fuelling civil wars in Africa.
    Has also written commentaries on issues of human rights and the plight of the world's children for Fnews magazine of the School of the Art institute of Chicago. He taught after school art programs for the City of Chicago and participated as a lead artist for Redmoon theater in their outreach program -"theater and ritual."
    Was the initiator and moderator for Video Machete's media and popular education program "Conversations."
    Oketch holds a MFA degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.