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Wendelken Studio of Musical Arts of New Tampa

Lessons in Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Voice, Percussion

"Loving the process and not just the result is essential. We teach patience, perseverance and stamina. Things today are transient; but classical musical training and love of music is for life."

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Our New Tampa Studios Offer

Hear Students and Alumni of WPS 

Famous for Piano Lessons, we now offer Private, Conservatory Classical lessons by the finest classically trained music teachers in Tampa. We teach all ages/levels including Adults and professional musicians.

Piano Lessons,
Voice Lessons,
Violin Lessons,
Cello Lessons,
Viola Lessons
Percussion Lessons.

Academic courses include:

Music Theory Classes,
Music History Classes.

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Our Programs

For over 20 years, our Junior Studio Music Department has developed a statewide and national reputation as a leader in cutting-edge innovative music programs for children and adults.


Our Junior Studio is for that “first lesson” through Late beginning piano, violin, voice, cello, voice and percussion lessons.

Senior Music Studio

Our Senior Music Studio is for Early Intermediate musicians through Advanced levels, including professionals. Intermediate and Advanced level lessons in piano, violin, voice, cello, voice and percussion taught by the finest teachers.

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Let's Get Started

Simply call the Director, Ms. Mary Wendelken at  (813) 978-1771 to schedule an interview/ audition. We will chat and play in a relaxed setting.

Royal Conservatory of Music founding school
Royal Conservatory of Music founding teacher

A group of students playing strings and piano together
Two students play at piano.

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